Hi-speed vertical disc centrifuge

ALFA LAVAL BRPX 417 - Hi-speed vertical disc centrifuge

Hi-speed vertical disc centrifuges are used for separation of 2 liquids while simultaneously removing fine solids. Typical applications include oi/water separation while simultaneously removing solid particles down to 1 micron size.

Working principle

The feed is introduced to the rotating centrifuge bowl from the top via a stationary inlet pipe, and is accelerated in a distributor before entering the disc stack. It is between the discs that the separation of the two liquid phases and the solids takes place.

The oil phase moves towards the centre of the bowl and is discharged by a paring disc. The water phase leaves the bowl over the top disc and through a paring disc (6). The heavier solids phase is collected at the bowl periphery, from where it is discharged intermittently.

The solids discharge is achieved by a hydraulic system below the separation space in the bowl, which at preset intervals forces the sliding bowl bottom to drop down, thus opening the solids ports at the bowl periphery. The bowl is mounted on a vertical spindle driven by a vertically mounted motor, via a belt drive.

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